澳门网上赌彩网址大全诺克斯维尔分校, recognizes the concerns of individuals regarding privacy and online data collection. We strive to respect and protect the privacy expectations of our website visitors.

所有的网站都会收集一些关于访问者的信息. 收集的信息种类广泛, and are collected both passively (by the web servers that host the websites) and actively (via user input through forms, 调查, 等.).

Some of the information collected allows 网站所有者 to determine who a particular visitor is and to track their behavior within and across a website domain.

然而, most of the information collected cannot identify you as a particular individual and is only collected in aggregate.

Websites within the University of Tennessee, 诺克斯维尔, website domain, utk.Edu,同样地收集有关网站访问者的信息. 该策略概述了收集的信息(数据)的类型, 十大网赌网址收集数据的方法, 以及十大网赌网址收集数据的原因.

收集 & 使用的信息


The following are examples of information that may be collected in aggregate to provide campus communicators, 网站所有者, 内容管理, 设计师, and IT specialists insight into visitor behavior for the purpose of improving university websites and access to university information.

  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer and name of the Internet domain used to access the Internet;
  • IP addresses of websites linking directly to sites within the bazadan.com域;
  • 在utk中访问站点的日期和时间.edu域;
  • 会议期间访问(“请求”)的页数;
  • Web browser and operating system used to access a site within the bazadan.com域;
  • 用于在utk中访问站点的设备.edu域.

University of Tennessee websites commonly use one of the following methods to collect this data:

  1. 饼干
    饼干 are small pieces of data sent from our website(s) and stored in your web browser. Accepting cookies allows visitors to set user preferences and otherwise enable a more “personalized” experience with a website. Users may set preferences regarding the storage of cookies within their individual web browsers, 哪些也可以用来删除存储的cookie.

  2. 第三方跟踪(e.g. 谷歌分析)
    许多网站内的bazadan.com域 use Google Analytics to collect visitor data in aggregate. 该数据还使用谷歌设置的cookie收集. See Google’s privacy and terms with regard to partner sites for more info: 澳门网上赌彩网址大全诺克斯维尔分校, may also transmit NPII collected by third-party tracking services (cookies) to other third parties (e.g. 脸谱网) so that you may see messages from the university when you visit other websites outside of the bazadan.com域.

  3. 服务器日志
    All web servers collect very basic visitor information to monitor site usage and performance.


The following are examples of personal information that visitors may choose to share with the University of Tennessee, 诺克斯维尔, 通过一个网站界面(例如.g. 在线表格或调查):

  • 的名字
  • 电子邮件地址
  • 电话号码
  • 邮寄地址
  • 主题的利益
  • 高中毕业日期

The university may also collect personal information about you from third parties, 包括值得信赖的供应商, 供应商, 和相关公司. This is primarily done for the purpose of recruiting students to attend the university.

如果您与十大网赌网址共享了个人信息, 十大网赌网址可能会利用这些信息为您量身定制服务, 满足物料需求, 联系你, or to display web content that may be of particular interest to you.

The university does not share personal information with third parties except:

  • 根据法律规定,
  • 为了保护学校的利益,
  • With trusted vendors contracted by the university who have agreed to keep this information confidential.

在后一种情况下, we share relevant personal information with trusted vendors to gain insight into ways we can improve your overall experience and otherwise further your interest in our university.



utk内部的一些网站.edu域 may use third-party vendor re-marketing tracking tools, such as the Google “AdWords” conversion tag and the 脸谱网 “pixel,提供有针对性的大学在线广告, 它的大学, 它的事件, 等. These ads may appear within third-party services and/or on unrelated websites across the internet. The third-party vendors who serve the ads use the information they gather from cookies, 网络信标, 还有类似的技术为你量身定制广告. This collected data may also be used by university communicators to measure the success of online advertising campaigns (i.e. “广告转换”).

Some of these re-marketing tools can potentially transmit personally identifiable information to third parties and the university along with your browser history, particularly if you are logged in to one of the services while browsing the internet (e.g. 脸谱网、谷歌).


To opt out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting on 脸谱网 and other websites, 你可以使用 数字广告联盟的网络选择工具, which scans your browser for companies that are already serving you customized ads.

选择退出谷歌的广告个性化,请访问 谷歌的广告设置.

You can also opt out of “interest-based advertising” by visiting the 网络广告倡议选择退出页面.

十大网赌网址 and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation

澳门网上赌彩网址大全 (“十大网赌网址”) may be a data “controller” or “processor” with regard to certain activities as defined under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“EU GDPR”). 十大网赌网址 is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in compliance with the GDPR.

If you have a question regarding your rights as a data subject under GDPR, please contact





Technology used to access the internet and build websites changes nearly every day. Likewise, the ways in which online data is generated and collected change frequently. We reserve the right to update and make changes to this policy, and we encourage site visitors to reference it periodically to familiarize themselves with its current terms.

For a broader policy on the expectation of user privacy at the University of Tennessee, please see 信息技术资源的可接受使用.